School Visits

So, you’ve used Word of the Day with your students. Or maybe you had a virtual author visit. Or maybe your kids just enjoyed the books. In any event, you’re ready to make it a truly memorable experience and connect your students with Lance Conrad for a live Q&A session. Use the calendar below to request a time slot. You will be emailed with more information when/if your slot is approved.

Key Point #1: This is primarily for students. If you are an individual or organization looking to speak to Lance or book an engagement, please don’t use this service, email us directly at

Key Point #2: The sessions are arranged so as to be in 10 minute increments, with 5 minutes in-between to let Lance transfer. If you’d like longer than 10 minutes, you can buy two together and they would run together into a longer session (roughly 25 minutes). But please do not do more than two in a row!

Key point #3: The time does tend to go quickly, so it would be in your best interest to have the students think through their questions beforehand and pick the ones you feel will be the most insightful.

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