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Have you written some fan fiction or fan art? I’d love to see it! Email it to

(Be sure to include some sort of “I give permission for this to be posted on” or something like that). Here are a few of my favorites:


By Hailey  My father was a mighty man
And helped all that he met
Tall and strong, muscled and tan
On him, you’d always bet

My mother, small and kind and true
She always did her part
She cooked and cleaned, fixed all askew
And loved with all her heart

My birth was as a violent storm
The people yelled and screamed
Attacking like a wild swarm
Of wasps, or so it seemed

My father knew, he made his choice
His son would not be lost
He told the crowd, he raised his voice
But high would be the cost

A rock, at first, his child would bear
To grow in strength and might
A constant hand I would now spare
To grip it day and night

At school, although, they were not kind
They’d tease and laugh and mock
The teacher would turn very blind
When kids would throw a rock.

But then, at last, I’d had my fill
And my hand, now outstretched
Caught the rock; as the world stood still
In stone my fate was etched

My anger, like a fiery horde
Consumed my very soul
I sent it back! The victim roared
For I had lost control

A labyrinth of bars my father built
Much stronger would I grow
Though Mother feared, no blood was spilt
As I swung to and fro

My rock became an iron sphere
I wore bands on my wrists
It pulled me down, this heavy gear
As I did jumps and twists

My father built a heavy shelf
And placed it on the floor
He then taught me to guard myself
As he built many more

He’d jump behind the furnishings
And wait ’til I came near
He’d jump, I’d duck – twas challenging
His timing wasn’t clear

And all of this, to build me up
A warrior, at last
Though they all feared I was corrupt
Because of their own past

Sadavir’s Life

By Peter

Born with the hate of mankind

Born with the love of parents

Born with a shaded stone

Born destined to be a creator of peace or destroyer of people

Born as the only dark rock not to be cast out or killed

Born with courage and might

Born with only three loving souls

Born thought to destroy but meant to create

Born to live.

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