So you want to have an author visit...

What teachers are saying...

“Not all authors can entertain and motivate through speech as well as they do through writing.
Lance Conrad can and does.”

-Terry Sheffield (Roy High, UT)

Thank you so much for helping us arrange for this visit from Lance. His presentation was friendly, funny, and educational.

-Teena Sobey (Foothill High School, NV)

“He’s as good as it gets, and better than most. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting and/or meeting and listening to Utah’s favorite literary sons and daughters, as well as writers from other states, (not to mention attending the Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English and Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference) and believe myself to be reasonably well qualified to offer an objective opinion to the effect that passing up an opportunity to host Lance-to-kids presentation is tantamount to professional negligence.”

-Kerry Griffith (Ecker Hill Middle, UT)

“After his visit, some of our students who rarely read are now standing in line to get one of his books.   After reading “The Price of Creation,” one even commented that it was better than Harry Potter!  Thank you for the visit!

-Sarah Noker (Cameron Jr. High/Elementary, TX)

“Lance Conrad was one of my favorite presenters. We’ve had a few authors come, but not any that left a real impression. Lance did. He reached our students and helped them really appreciate reading. Thank you! I’m going to talk to my school about having Lance come again.”

-Shelley Roberts (Sage Hills Elementary, UT)

Author Lance Conrad delivered a wonderful, engaging, relatable presentation to my 6th grade students. His visit was wonderful from a teacher’s perspective because he spoke about his love for writing and practicing perseverance. Mr. Conrad was engaging because his stories about his journey from childhood to authorship made the students laugh and develop wonder.  It was time well spent as I witnessed my colleagues and students react positively to his visit.  I will definitely be scheduling more visits with author Lance Conrad in the future.”

-Christie Kloeppel (Foothill Elementary, UT)

Thank you for presenting to my sixth grade class.  Your presentation was the best author presentation I have seen over the past 23 years.  You had my class eating out of your hands.  You know how to hook the kids and keep their interest, and encourage them to be better writers.
Thanks you so much,

-GarthLimb (Elk Meadows Elementary, UT)

Any questions?

Here's how it works...

Step One: Sign up for a spot for the Live Q&A. (More details below)

Step Two: Show your kids the recorded video portion of the presentation. (More details below)

Step Three: Live video chat with the author. (More details below)

Step Four: (Optional, but recommended) Send parents a link we provide for book purchases. Student copies through this program are discounted, autographed, and shipped free to the school. (And as always, more details below)

The Nitty-Gritty...

We could tell you more about the video, but wouldn’t it be better to just show you? Preview the video here. When you sign up for a time slot, we will send you the video in a format that you can share easily with your students.

However, a video alone does not an author visit make. We know from long experience that for an author visit to do its job of inspiring children to read and write more, there MUST be a personal element. That’s where the Live Q&A comes in.

You can set up a video chat with Lance and your students. Here are some rules/recommendations:

  • The sessions are scheduled in 15-minute blocks.
  • If there isn’t a scheduled block after yours, Lance may, at his discretion and with your permission, go a little longer.
  • You may schedule two blocks back to back. This will create a thirty minute block. This could be especially helpful for writing classes that would like to go a little more in depth.
  • However, DO NOT schedule three blocks back-to-back unless you have obtained special permission from us or Lance himself to do so. If you schedule three back-to-back, one of them will be cancelled. So please don’t do it.
  • While there is a lot of value to spontaneity, we would encourage you to prompt your students to prepare some questions before the live session so no time is wasted.
  • Each session costs ten dollars. We’ve kept the price as low as humanly possible, still, if you feel that your students absolutely need this and your school absolutely cannot afford the scheduling fee, reach out to us and we’ll get something worked out, We don’t want to see anyone left out due to financial need.

We will provide you with a link/flyer that can be sent to parents so that they can buy books for their children.

We realize that this part seems a little capitalistic of us, but we stand by it. There is something unique and special about an autographed hardcover. Lance has been doing this for years and has brought countless children into the wonders of reading and the culture of literacy.

The autographed books are discounted with free shipping. To pull this off, we ask to ship the books to the school and have you distribute them to your students. If this doesn’t work with your situation, let us know and we’ll figure something out.

In a similar vein, if anyone would like to use the book sales as a fundraiser for their school, library, or PTA, please let us know.

Ready? Pick a time...

IMPORTANT! All times are listed in Mountain Standard Time (MST). Please adjust accordingly. We are working to fix the problem, and this message will disappear once it is resolved.


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