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  • Classroom Set

    Need books for a read-along? Look no further! Each book is a durable hardcover, built to survive the rigors of regular school use. Each set comes with 30 books and free shipping.

    Some details on each book:

    The Price of Creation: 

    Good for general audience. Themes: discrimination, prejudice, purpose, destiny vs. decision

    The Price of Nobility:

    Good for boys, especially. Very focused story and small character base. Themes: sacrifice, maturity, compromise

    The Price of Loyalty:

    Good for general audience, though content is more fitting for 8th grade and older. Themes: loyalty, overcoming bad situations, problem-solving

    The Price of Survival:

    Action book, good for drawing in reluctant readers. Themes: compromise, problem-solving, corruption of power

    The Price of Hope:

    Good for general audience. Themes: being a good example, hope, persistence in despair


    Classroom Set


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