From Award-Winning Author,
Lance Conrad

Are you ready to wander through times and worlds with the Historian?

“Ok, the covers looks pretty enough. Do you happen to have physical copies?”

– You (probably, I dunno)

Why yes! In fact, I am offering the entire Historian Tales series in hardcover. – Lance

“I don’t know about that. I’m not looking to drop $30 for a single book.”

Good news! These hardcovers only cost around $14.99 each, with a Full-Set Special that gives an extra discount.

“I like the sound of ‘discount,’ but I’ve heard about you artistic types. If I give you money, how do I know you’re not going to blow it on drugs and alcohol, you hippy?”

You see this?

I’ve got five of these. Five…

Where do you think my money goes?


“Right. Let’s get back to books and discounts.”

You got it!

So, for the five books in the Historian Tales series, that would be $74.95, already not bad for hardcovers…

“But there’s more, right?”

Of course, there’s more!

Order today and I will throw in a sixth book for free. Echoes of Creation, the companion book to The Price of Creation, will be included in every Full Set order.

Free is good. I like free! How about autographs?

Fine, but that’s today only!

Do we have a deal?

Thing is, I saw this coupon code on TikTok…

Doesn’t ring a bell.

No? It was like TIKTOK12 and gave 20% off and free shipping. Will that stack with this deal?

You’re killing me, Smalls!

Let me get this straight. You want autographed hardcovers, the bonus book, all autographed, 20% off and free shipping? Doesn’t that seem a little too far?

That’s hardly the point. Back to what you said…

…do we have a deal?

About the Author

Lance Conrad is an unhinged eccentric who happens to write books. He wanders his native state of Utah, telling stories and imparting unsolicited writing advice to schoolchildren and those too polite to walk away. Doing so has gained him a profession, a letter from the Governor commending him for his efforts in education, three Best of State medals, and an imperceptible limp in his right leg.
During the course of the last nine years, he has published seven YA Fantasy books that some describe as “adequate” and “better than nothing, I suppose.”
When not writing books, practicing acupuncture, or explaining the presence of a machete in his car to the police, Lance has also managed to create a 220+ video series called Word of the Day with Lance Conrad that is used in classrooms across America and as far away as Australia.
He has also created a training course to teach up-and-coming authors how to sell books in person.
He lives in Utah with his wife, Erin, whose only flaw was poor taste in men, and their 3-5 children.


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