Ukraine Fundraiser!

The conflict in Ukraine hits very deep for Lance. He has many friends and fond memories from Ukraine. Even his famous hat came from Ukraine. To support Ukraine and her suffering people, Lance has offered to autograph any books purchased through this fundraiser before they’re shipped out. Further, he has pledged 100% of his royalties from these sales to be donated to CARE – Ukraine Crisis Fund. We, as his publisher, will be matching his donation.

We appreciate all of you who have shown Lance support through these wonderful years. Please join us in supporting a worthy cause. Thank you!

Here’s a bit about the books (order below):


  1. These books are hardcovers with dust jackets. (Except for Echoes of Creation, which is a paperback addition to The Price of Creation).
  2. Any books order through this fundraiser will be autographed.
  3. (Note: We’ve had some people have trouble with their cart not updating when products are added. If you order from an incognito/private page, this seems to fix the problem.)

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